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We LOVE babies at the Library!

We have many resources available for parents to help their babies grow into a love of books and reading.

Library Resources and Programs


1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, opens a new window

Our favorite books and music for babies

Books for Early Literacy Development

Books on Parenting, opens a new window

Other Resources

Talking is Teaching — fun tips and resources grounded in the best science, to help you talk, read, and sing with your child every day.

Zero to Three — Learn about early development, early learning, parenting, resources, and services.

Jbrary on Youtube — learn songs, fingerplays, and rhymes to play with your baby.

Slidell Memorial Hospital Community Outreach Center

St. Tammany Parish Hospital Parenting Center

Is Your Child in the Right Car Seat?, opens a new window

Five Easy Steps for Sharing Books with Your Baby

  1. Pick the best time — A time when you and your baby are in a good mood.
  2. Show Baby the book — Point to the pictures and talk naturally and cheerfully.
  3. Talk and have fun — Remember to touch and love your baby the whole time.
  4. Watch what Baby does — Let your baby play with the book if he wants to and stop for now if he gets upset.
  5. Share a book with your baby everyday — Even just a few minutes a day is important.

— Public Library Association and the Association for Library Service to Children’s Joint Project, “Every Child Ready to Read”

Ten Good Reasons to Read to Babies

10. Baby associates your voice with warmth, comfort, and security.

 9. Reading has a calming effect on a restless baby.

 8. Baby is entertained by nursery rhymes and songs.

 7. Holding the baby while reading to him/her creates a close, loving bond between parent and baby.

 6. Baby makes an association between reading and being held.

 5. The pleasure of being held transfers to the desire to be read to.

 4. Baby will learn to listen and will grow up ready to read.

 3. Baby will begin imitating sounds and words.

2. Baby must hear English (or French or whatever) in order to learn that language.

1. It’s fun to read to a baby!

—  Babies Need Books: Sharing the Joy of Books with Children from Birth to Six by Dorothy Butler.

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