Back to School: Homework Help

As we reach the first week of August, families, teachers, and students are preparing for the new school year. Students of all ages face the pressure of going back to school, studying for their classes, and completing their assigned homework. No matter the age group and grade levels, elementary school, middle school, high school, or even college and university students will turn to numerous types of sources to complete homework assignments in all sorts of subjects, including science, social studies, grammar, and math among many others. Parents may also need to locate sources to review school material not seen since their own childhood.

St. Tammany Parish Library offers a variety of online tools available to help students with homework in any subject. Some of our online sources and databases specialize in specific subjects or types of homework tasks. Others are well-rounded sites that can assist with a wide variety of homework subjects. Below are several sources of homework assistance available through the St. Tammany Parish Library Homework Help, opens a new window page:

Homework Louisiana

Homework Louisiana, opens a new window is a one stop site where users can get assistance with a variety of homework tasks. Users can connect with tutors online seven days a week for a variety of topics and age groups, including elementary grade levels, middle school, high school, and even early college level. Students can ask questions through the online interaction with tutors and even drop off a math question or an essay. In addition, Homework Louisiana provides test preparation services for standardized tests, including SAT, ACT, HiSET, GED, and even AP tests. To access the sources available through Homework Louisiana, students need to create a free account through the website in addition to having a St. Tammany Parish Library card.

Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library, opens a new window provides numerous tutorials, articles, and practice sessions for older students, with many sources focusing on high school and college subjects. This online source provides lessons for high school students not only for improving their skills in various subjects but also for preparing for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT. High school and college students can learn core skills for being successful students, including tips for how to effectively take notes and organize their schedules. Even adults wishing to return to school or get into a college can find useful information through the High School Equivalency Center including reviews of core subjects. Outside of school subjects, Learning Express Library also provides information about career preparation and even lessons on using computers. Like with Homework Louisiana, students need a library card to access the site and must create a free account through the website to access the various materials available.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy, opens a new window is a free online source that provides lessons on a wide variety of topics. Khan Academy provides video lessons for numerous course subjects at a variety of grade levels, ranging from elementary grade levels all the way up to early college-level courses. In addition, Khan Academy provides exercises and quizzes for each lesson, allowing students to practice the material covered. Parents may also find this source useful as a means to review material their children are covering in their classes. Outside of schoolwork, Khan Academy also provides numerous courses on technology, including how to use common computer programs, browse safely online, and work their smartphones, whether iPhone or Android. Users can create a free account to keep track of their progress if they wish, but anyone can access this online resource, even without a library card.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy


Miss Humblebee’s Academy, opens a new window is an interactive online learning tool designed for early learners preparing for kindergarten. This friendly resource provides numerous lessons in core school subjects for children ages 3 to 6, including early math, science, social studies, language, literacy, art, and music. Miss Humblebee’s Academy can also provide printable lessons and practice worksheets for parents wanting to have their children practice even when away from the computer. Parents can even keep track of their children’s progress through the lessons by creating a free account through the academy. Miss Humblebee’s Academy makes early learning easy and fun for young children.

Fact Monster Reference Help


Fact Monster Reference Help, opens a new window features answers for various homework subjects for a number of student grade levels. This online resource provides answers and reviews for topics in math, science, social studies, language arts, among many others at several grade levels. In addition, this source features games and quizzes designed to help with various topics and even work on other useful skills. This online resource is free for anyone to use, even without a library card.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)


For upper grade students, including college and university students, chances are you will have to write research papers for your courses. Two important aspects of putting together research papers is formatting and citations. The Online Writing Lab, opens a new window from Purdue University is a free source that covers many of the commonly used formats for term papers. Common formats include MLA, APA, and Chicago (and by extension Turabian) among others. These formats determine how you should format your research paper in addition to how to properly cite your sources, both within the body of the paper and for a Works Cited or Bibliography page at the end. The citation format you need depends on the subject and what your instructor requires. Users do not need a library card to access this citation and term paper formatting source.

The above listed sources are only a few of the homework related resources available through St. Tammany Parish Library. Other sources available focus on certain topics and even projects. For example, when it is time for the science fair, Science Buddies, opens a new window provides numerous project ideas for science fair experiments. Other sources provide different sections depending on the topics in question. Notably, World Book provides numerous types of sources available in the databases page focusing on certain age groups and topics. To access any of these databases, visit the library's website, opens a new window. If you need assistance finding a source that best fits your schoolwork needs, ask a librarian for assistance.