Miss SandraRosa’s Book Review: “Spinning” by Tillie Walden

Spinning is a graphic memoir by Tillie Walden that focuses on her adolescent years. Tillie is a competitive figure skater and her days are filled with ice rinks, coaches, bullies, and crushes. But Tillie doesn't have the same sort of crushes her teammates have. Tillie likes girls and she's liked girls for a very long time but she's never told anyone. Who would she tell, anyway? Her mom is hardly present. She gets along with her Dad but having that conversation with him isn't on the top of her list of Things To Do. Her friends are only quasi-friends. So Tillie doesn't tell anyone. Not for a very long time. Then something happens that Tillie wasn't expecting-- she meets someone like her! And what's more, this someone doesn't just like girls, she likes Tillie! Finally, Tillie has someone to confide in, someone to share secrets with, someone to love her and someone she loves in return. 
I really enjoyed this graphic memoir. It was a bittersweet read and reading about Tillie's adolescence will tug at your heartstrings. This book does take on some heavy topics like abuse and at times it was difficult to read knowing that this was not fiction. The events in the book happened in real life. The art adds a lot to the story. Some panels are just images but most panels are words and images. 
If you like the wonderful combination of life-stories and art, this is a good book to pick up!
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