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The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 involved 544 million acres of land for 15 million dollars. The Act of Congress on March 2, 1805 allowed land grants to be given to interested parties. The Act of Congress of 1805 also appointed commissioners and allowed surveyors into the territory of Louisiana to create federal land districts with townships and ranges. Knowledge of township and range is important for land research. In 1812, Louisiana joined the Union as a state, however the land was still in federal possession. The Louisiana State Land Office was created on March 25, 1844. 

Print Louisiana land records sources found in the Genealogy collection:

  • Early Settlers of Louisiana as Taken from Land Claims in the Eastern District of the Orleans Territory – Walter Lowrie.
  • English Land Grants in West Florida: A Register for the States of Alabama, Mississippi and Parts of Florida and Louisiana, 1766-1776 – Winston De Ville.
  • Family Maps of Louisiana: With Homesteads, Roads, Waterways, Towns, Cemeteries, Railroads, and More – Gregory A. Boyd.
  • Federal Land Grants in the Territory of Orleans: the Delta Parishes – adapted from American State Papers, arranged by Charles R. Maduell, Jr.
  • First Settlers of the Louisiana Territory – compiled by Carolyn Reeves Ericson and Frances Ingmire.
  • Land Records of the Attakapas District – Glenn R. Conrad.
  • Louisiana Land Titles: An Inventory of Land Office Records at the State Archives – compiled by Ory G. Poret and John Spencer Howell.
  • Southwest Louisiana in 1807: The Land and Slave Tax of St. Landry Parish in the Territory of Orleans – Winston De Ville.

Land records on microfilm in the Genealogy collection:

  • Bound Records of the General Land Office Relating to Private Claims in Louisiana.
  • British and Spanish Grants, West Florida, 1772-1813 and United States Land Claims, Louisiana, 1812-1852.
  • Jefferson Parish Deed Book A, 1853-1859; Deed Book B, 1859-1866.
  • Jefferson Parish Deed Book C, 1864-1883; Deed Book D, 1884-1923.
  • Orleans Parish, Old Inventories of Estates, 1805-1877.
  • Pintado Papers, 1795-1842. British and Spanish Grants, 1772-1813.
  • Pintado Papers, 1795-1842.
  • Record Books, 1795-1808; Index to French and Spanish Land Grants, 1795-1812.
  • Record Books, 1795-1808; Spanish Land Grants, Survey Certificates, Claims.
  • Record of Evidence Filed Before the Board of Land Commissioners South of the Tennessee River and East of the Pearl River, Louisiana, 1767-1856.
  • Reports of the Registers and Receivers of the Eastern District of Louisiana on Claims under the Act of February 27, 1813, dated 1813-17 (Volume 78) …
  • St, Helena Parish Land Records, A4, 1803-1814, A1-A3, 1811-1813, B1-B2, 1813-1814.
  • St. Helena Parish Land Records, A4 (cont.), 1820-1830 Certificates of Confirmation, Volumes 1-2, 1839-1875 Abstracts.
  • St. Helena Parish Land Records. Spanish Land Claims, No. 219-228, 1805-1814 Claims and Spanish Grants, 1803-1824.
  • St. Helena Parish Land Records. Spanish Land Claims, F3-F4 (no. 122-249), 1803-1832 English and Spanish Grants.
  • St. Helena Parish Land Records. Sutton’s Private Land Claims, 1820-1836; Notice of Claims, 1835-1837; Bastrop Claims, 1852.
  • Surveys of Land Claims, 1806-1813 and 1832-1834; Land Records, 1860-1916; Certificates of Louisiana, 1858-1907.
  • Tract Books, 1807-1870.
  • Tract Books, 1807-1870. Southwestern District, U.S. Tract Book 5 6 6A 7.
  • Tract Books, 1807-1870; 47A, 48, 48A, 49-49A, 50, 50A, 51, 51A.
  • Unbound Records of the General Land Office Relating to Private Land Claims in Louisiana, 1805-1896.
  • Unconfirmed and Unlocated Claims, 1806-1821.

Online sources for Louisiana land research:

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