July is “Graphic Novels in Libraries Month”!

Booklist magazine has declared July “Graphic Novels in Libraries Month”, and for good reason: Graphic Novels offer a way of reading that is enjoyable and accessible. Especially for children, graphic novels offer an exciting avenue into the world of reading.  Whether you (or your children) are brand new to graphic novels or have been devouring…
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Unicorn Day!

Today is Unicorn Day! We have some pretty great unicorn books for those like myself who love fantasy and mythical creatures.   A Unicorn Named Sparkle Lucy sees an ad for a mail-order unicorn and sends her money in. She then dreams about her future pet and all the great things they will be able…
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The Black Book of Colors

If you are reading this article, you are capable of experiencing our world through sight.  However, not everyone can.  Having a visual disability requires a different approach to learning.  The book featured in today's article provides a wonderful experience for readers of any capability. The Black Book of Colors, by Menena Cottin, provides examples of the different…
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