Books for Giving Thanks

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What does it mean to you? These are some books you can take home this season that show the different ways that people give thanks.

Thanksgiving Day Thanks

In Thanksgiving Day Thanks, kids in school are taught about the first thanksgiving, how it became a holiday, and how people celebrate it now.

Thanksgiving at the Tappletons'

Follow along with The Tappletons, a family of wolves who find that everything seems to go wrong with the preparations for the big family meal.


The Great Thanksgiving Escape

In The Great Thanksgiving Escape, Gavin and his cousin Rhonda want to escape their family members and the funny problems that come with them! They must go through a journey to get to the swingset outside!

The Secret of Saying Thanks

This poetic and inspirational book follows a young girl and her dog as they show what's important about life and that it's good to be thankful.

Squanto's Journey

Squanto's Journey details the story of when Squanto met the pilgrims and became instrumental to their survival in the newly settled Plymouth. The book is a bit long for young readers, and the subject matter is better suited for older children as well.

We hope you have a thankful and happy Thanksgiving!