Meeting Room Policy

Purpose of Meeting Room

The primary purpose of the meeting room is to provide space for library meetings and programs that promote the mission of the St. Tammany Parish Library. When the rooms are not being used by the library or its affiliate groups, they will be available for use by other groups for lawful, non-commercial uses.

Acceptable Uses

St. Tammany Parish Library meeting rooms may be used for educational, governmental, cultural, intellectual, community meetings, forums, presentations and similar activities.

Unacceptable Uses

St. Tammany Parish Library meeting rooms may not be used for:

  1. Any purpose that interferes with the operation of the library.
  2. Programs involving the sales, advertising, solicitation of goods and services, or promotion of commercial products or services.
  3. Social gatherings such as company parties, family reunions or birthday parties. Wedding and wedding receptions are also not allowed.
  4. Any illegal acts.
  5. Any gaming activities such as bingo, cards clubs or the like.
  6. Legal depositions.

General Provisions, Rules and Policies

  1. All meetings shall be open to the public.
  2. Any use of the St. Tammany Parish Library meeting room that is contrary to the operation of the library is strictly prohibited.
  3. Money or anything of value cannot be exchanged as an attendance fee or inducement to attend an event in the St. Tammany Parish Library meeting room. This includes before, during or after a meeting, both on and off of library property.
  4. All weapons and tobacco products are strictly prohibited on library property. Alcohol is prohibited, except for library functions specifically approved by the Library Director.
  5. Meeting rooms are only available during normal library hours. All meeting rooms must be cleared 15 minutes prior to library closing time.
  6. Set up of meeting rooms may not occur until the regularly scheduled opening time.
  7. Normal operation of the library is not to be disrupted by users of the meeting room.
  8. Meetings will not be publicized in a manner that suggests library sponsorship or affiliation. The library does not disseminate information for non-library sponsored meetings or sign up participants for non-library sponsored meetings.
  9. Meeting rooms will be reserved only to adults. Youth groups are welcome to use the meeting rooms if a responsible adult reserves the room and supervises the group at all times.
  10. Chairs and tables are available for meeting room use. It is the responsibility of the group using the meeting room to set up or take down chairs and tables. Library staff cannot assist with this task.
  11. Groups are welcome to bring their own equipment. A drop down screen is available in the meeting rooms at Slidell, South Slidell, Causeway, Madisonville and Covington Branches. All meeting rooms have a dry erase board available.
  12. Meeting rooms shall be left in an orderly condition. All furniture shall be put back in its original position. All trash must be removed from the meeting room before the group leaves.
  13. Materials are not to be attached to walls, windows, doors or furnishings.
  14. A responsible group member will take a headcount of all persons in attendance and give the headcount to a staff member at the circulation desk so the number can be recorded for administrative purposes.
  15. Any breakage or damage to library building or property shall be paid for by the group using the meeting room. The person signing the meeting room application will be held responsible.
  16. Failure to comply with meeting room policies and rules will result in the immediate termination of meeting room privileges.

Reservation of Meeting Room

  1. Meeting rooms are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Meeting rooms are for groups of 5 or more.
  3. An application is made on the form provided by the library and is submitted by a primary representative of the applicant group. This representative is responsible for the conduct of the group and adherence to meeting room rules.
  4. An inquiry of availability or completed meeting room application does not constitute a reservation. A room is reserved only after the Branch Manager has approved the application in writing.
  5. Applications may be made up to sixty (60) days in advance, but no later than three (3) working days before the meeting date.
  6. Only library-affiliated groups may use a library meeting room more than 3 times in one 60 day period.
  7. Meeting room use by non-library sponsored groups is for specific events rather than for regularly scheduled, ongoing meetings.

Cancellation of Meeting Room Reservations

  1. Library staff shall be notified of meeting cancellations by the representative of the organization.
  2. The library reserves the right to cancel reservations with 24 hours notice if the room is needed for library programming. The Library will make every effort to avoid cancellations but does reserve that right.
  3. Meeting room use may be canceled with no notice due to circumstances beyond the library’s control including inclement weather, acts of God, vandalism, or needed emergency repairs.

Application for Use of Meeting Room

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