Friends of the Slidell Library

The Friends of the Slidell Library (FSL), a 501c(3) non-profit organization founded in 1976, will celebrate their 45th anniversary in 2021. FSL expanded their scope of service in 2011 and 2015 and now provides support to the Lacombe, Pearl River, Slidell and South Slidell Branch Libraries. FSL raises funds through sales and silent auctions of used books, media items and a variety of other items.


Frank Lorusso, President (985) 640-5802

Sandy Crosby, Vice-President (985) 649-2020, (985) 290-6949


Mail: 555 Robert Blvd., Slidell, LA 70458

Membership Application/Renewal

Annual FSL membership dues begin at $5 for individuals and $8 for families (parents and minor children in the same household). Life memberships for one person are $150.

Recent purchases with FSL Funds include: a new outdoor book drop for the Pearl River Branch, a large monitor (to be used for Library announcements and Library news) mounted behind the South Slidell Branch Circulation Desk; artwork for the Slidell and Pearl River Branch Libraries; supplies to maintain the Herb Garden located on the grounds of the Slidell Branch Library; funds to support the Herb Fest which is co-sponsored with the St. Tammany Master Gardeners; 150 copies of the publication "Book Pages" for free distribution in the Lacombe, Pearl River, Slidell and South Slidell Branch Libraries; an interactive play wall for the Children's Area in the South Slidell Branch; computer chairs for the Slidell Branch, framed posters for the children's area at the South Slidell Branch; concert series with music performances at the Slidell, Lacombe, Pearl River and South Slidell Branches; magazine shelving for the Slidell Branch; and 10 iPads for use in classes.

All FSL activities are performed by FSL member volunteers. Please consider joining the Friends of the Slidell Library and help us provide support to our branch libraries. Membership application can be downloaded via the link above or picked up at the circulation desks at the Lacombe, Pearl River, Slidell and South Slidell Branch Libraries. Send an email to to volunteer. We value your friendship and offer a membership premium with paid memberships and renewals. Members also receive a newsletter and notification of events/sales via email.

Friends of the Slidell Library Officers and Board Members

Officers, 2020-2021

Frank Lorusso, President

Sandy Crosby, Vice-President

Becky Taylor, Secretary

Frank Lorusso, Treasurer (acting)

Board of Directors, 2020-2021

Susan Alexander

Ginnie Arabie

Sherri Kaba

Margaret King

Lou Major

Kimberlie Rogers

2021 Board Meetings

FSL meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Slidell Library, 555 Robert Blvd. Meetings are open to the public and visitors are always welcome.

2021 Used Book Sales

All book sales are held in the meeting room of the Slidell Branch Library, 555 Robert Blvd. The FSL Member's Preview Sale is conducted from 5-8 pm on Friday evenings before the public sale on Saturdays.  The public sales on Saturdays take place beginning at 9 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. 

Book sale prices range from 10¢ to $3. . At times, special collections with higher prices are included in the sales.  Memberships and renewals are available at the door.

All monies raised provide support for the Lacombe, Pearl River, Slidell and South Slidell Branch Libraries.

January 16 Used Book Sale
February 20 Multi-media/Romance Paperbacks Sale
March 6 Used Book Sale
April 17 Used Book Sale
May 15 Used Book Sale
June 26 Used Book Sale
July 23 Preview Sale
July 24 Used Book Sale
August 20 Preview Sale
August 21 Used Book Sale
September 17 Preview Sale
September 18 Used Book Sale
October 15 Preview Sale
October 16 Used Book Sale
November 19 Preview Sale
November 20 Used Book Sale
December 17 Preview Sale
December 18 Used Book Sales

2021 Silent Auctions

Silent auctions will be held every four weeks in the Slidell Branch Library display cases near the meeting room. Silent auction items will include books and some non-book items which have been selected from donated items over the past few years. All of them items are pre-owned and are in good to excellent condition. They have been selected for inclusion in the silent auctions due to their subject matter, interest to possible collectors, uniqueness and local interest.

All silent auction items have minimum bids and minimum bid increments of $1.00. Bids are placed in person by using the bid book located at the Circulation Desk.  Please note that auction items are described in detail inside the bid book and that library staff members are not permitted to open the display cases to allow bidders to physically inspect the items for bid. High bidders do not have to be present at the end of the auction. They will be notified by telephone or email and must pick up items within 7 days or the item will default to the next highest bidder.

All monies raised help to provide support to the Lacombe, Pearl River, Slidell and South Slidell Branch Libraries.

January 5 History & Biography
February 2 Reference Books
March 2 Cookbooks
April 6 World War II
May 4 Popular Culture
June 8 Louisiana & The South
July 6 Cookbooks
August 3 World War II
September 7 Popular Culture
October 5 Coffee Table Books
November 2 World Wars & History
December 7 Louisiana & The South

2021 Second Saturday Special Sales (SSSSales)

Second Saturday Special Sales are held on the second Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Slidell Branch Library, 555 Robert Blvd. SSSSales feature several hundred pre-owned items on a particular subject or theme.

Item prices are fixed: hardback books- $3 each, soft cover books- $2 each, mass market paperback books- $1 each, magazines- 4 for $1, DVDs- $2 per disk and children's books- $1 each.

SSSSales are scheduled for the following 2021 dates:

January 9 Cookbooks
February 13 Newer Fiction
March 13 Gardening, Crafts, & Home Improvement
April 10 History & Biography
May 8 Popular Culture
June 12 Books for Children & Teens
July 10 Newer Fiction
August 14 Cookbooks
September 11 Gardening, Crafts, & Home Improvement
October 9 Popular Culture
November 13 Newer Fiction
December 11 Books for Children & Teens

Sale themes are subject to change.

For more information about FSL sales, auctions, memberships or to volunteer, send an email to

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