Christmas: a Time for Joy and Peace

The holidays are great for taking some time away from the daily grind, and centering yourself and realizing what’s really important: peace, joy, family, and the spirit of giving.

The Christmas Wish

Anja is a little girl who lives in a snowy place in the North. She wishes to become one of Santa's elves, and embarks on a journey through the snow to meet him, finding many various animal guides along the way.

Amazing Peace

Maya Angelou's poem shows us that Christmas, The Glad Season, can be a time where people of all faiths can come together and share hope and peace.

Super Santa

The elves are here to show you around and answer frequently asked questions about Santa's Workshop. They explain the science behind how it works, from how fast the sleigh goes to how many cookies and glasses of milk Santa consumes!

Santa's Book of Names

A young boy named Edward has trouble reading. One Christmas night, he finds a book dropped down the chimney, and realizes it must belong to Santa, who invites him to ride in the sleigh! Join Edward and Santa on their magical Christmas journey.


The Legend of Old Befana

In this Italian Christmas folk tale, Old Befana, a lady who lives alone and sweeps her house all day, encounters a procession with Three Kings on their way to meet the Christ Child. They invite her along, and this is where her journey begins.

We have many more Christmas books at our branches if you want more!

Good wishes to all, and to all a happy holiday!