eBook Resources for Kids!

Happy Summer Reading! 

Summer is our absolute favorite time of year. School is out, the air is warm, and summer reading is on! After a long school year full of assigned readings, it can be difficult to choose new books. The whole library is at your disposal! Luckily for all of you kids, teens, and adults out there we have some excellent online resources to help get you into the swing of reading and enjoy new and exciting titles. Our eBook databases for kids and teens span from pre-K books that read themselves out loud to dynamic high-fantasy novels for teens and adults alike. If you’re going on vacation, eBooks are a great way to store tons of books on a device such as a tablet or smartphone- the library is at your fingertips! 

While our popular eBook databases such as Libby, CloudLibrary, and Hoopla contain items for children as well as adults, here are a few of our great online eBook library resources catering specifically to children and teens:

Tumblebook Library

Tumblebook Library has more than 1,000 different eBooks for children in grades K-6. This database includes animated titles, talking picture books, read-along chapter books, non-fiction books and videos, and more! Be sure to check out the Spanish and French collections as well! Check it out by clicking here, opens a new window.

Britannica eBooks

This database contains hundreds of non-fiction eBooks meant for children of all ages. Spanning from kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade, this resource is for students working on summer homework or with a craving to learn about a new subject. For any 6-11 year olds participating in the Patch Club on Beanstack, this is a great way to focus on a particular genre for your patches! Check it out by clicking here, opens a new window.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Miss Humblebee’s Academy is an excellent home learning tool for Kindergarten readiness. Children can follow a curriculum path and learn about subjects such as science, math, emotional readiness, and more. Check out the online library for fun easy readers that children can practice reading with a parent or alone with the interactive software! Parents can also register their children for accounts to get progress reports if desired. Start learning today by clicking here, opens a new window.

World Book eBooks

Along with Britannica, World Book is renowned for their encyclopedias and other non-fiction content. The World Book eBook library is an amazing resource for kids interested in learning more about their favorite subjects. Children can read books on science, space, dinosaurs, and more! Be sure to check out the animal books to help celebrate our Tails and Tales summer reading theme! Click here, opens a new window to get started.

Novelist K-8

Can’t decide what to read? Check out this awesome database! On Novelist, kids can type in their favorite books or authors and get suggestions for read-alikes. Novelist is a great resource for anyone struggling to find a new series to start. You can also search by genre, mood, or even type of character. Click the link here, opens a new window to get directed to Novelist K-8! This particular database is meant for students up to the 8th grade, but older teens and adults can check out the adult version of Novelist as well here, opens a new window.