Father’s Day

Father's Day is June 18 this year! If you'd like to share stories about fathers, this is the place for you.

Father's Day

In this book, kids at school celebrate their dads by writing about the activities they share with them. Then they give their completed projects to their fathers as gifts when they come by for a party!

The One and Only Sparkella

Sparkella is very bold in her fashion choices, but she's nervous about starting a new school! Luckily she has a great dad who supports her every step of the way. But the kids at school don't get her personality at first, and when she tones it down the next day, she realizes she must be true to herself to be happy.

Dad and Pop

A little girl compares and contrasts the ways her Dad (her birth father) and Pop (her stepfather) seem different at first with their tastes in music and hobbies, but it turns out they actually have a lot in common, including their little girl!

Knock Knock

A knock-knock game becomes a morning routine for a boy and his father until one day, his father doesn't come home. The boy must deal with the pain of growing up while his father can't physically be there. However, they show their love through letters, and as the little boy grows, his dad's dream for him lives on, and the child grows up with confidence and becomes a good man. The story illustrates the impact of a parent, even if they can no longer be around.

The Bench

This quiet, reflective book is a loving tribute to the bond between fathers and sons. The bench acts as a backdrop for multiple families doing different activities that show this bond, like the father teaching his son to ride a bike or giving emotional support. The benches are different, but the same- a metaphor, the constant is love.

There are more Father's Day books where that came from! Happy Father's Day!