Getting Cozy: At the Library

In honor of library month, we're highlighting cozy mysteries featuring a librarian as a sleuth. Whether bodies are showing up in the stacks or neighbors are checking out for good, these librarians are using their research skills to figure out who-done-it.

Originally published in the early 1990s, Charlaine Harris recently released two new Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, All the Little Liars and Sleep Like A Baby. Aurora is a small-town librarian, and she belongs to the Real Murders club, a group that gathers monthly to study famous crimes. The series has also been turned into a film series featuring Candace Cameron Bure called Real Murders.

Another favorite is the Cat in the Stacks Mystery Series by Miranda James. The real star is Diesel, librarian Charlie Harris's rescued Maine coon cat. You will fall in love with Athena, Mississippi, and the local characters, particularly the Ducote sisters who show up in Out of Circulation. They are so memorable they got their own spin-off—the Southern Ladies Mysteries entitled Bless Her Dead Little Heart.

Need more librarians/sleuths? Try one of the series highlighted on the list below.

Getting Cozy: At the Library

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