Getting Cozy: Isn’t It Punny?

April is National Humor Month, opens a new window, so what better time to celebrate the humor that can be found in so many cozy mystery books. Many cozy mysteries are laugh-out-loud funny in their own right, but my favorite touch of whimsy and humor can be found on the cover of the book. I, of course, am thinking of the punny titles. I love a bad pun, opens a new window.  

What is a pun, opens a new window? According to Merriam-Webster, it's using a word in a way that suggests two or more meanings, or the meaning of another word similar in sound.

The titles create puns from lots of different sources:

In the comments let us know some of your favorite pun-derful series and don't forget to check out the list below for some of our favorites!

Getting Cozy: Isn't It Punny

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