Getting Cozy: Musical Mysteries

Libraries may rock, but music can be murder. This month as you are curling up with a good mystery, consider getting into the Summer Reading swing of things with a book set in a musical setting. From glee clubs to the opera, this list has you covered.

Getting Cozy: Musical Mysteries

It's summer reading time, and libraries most assuredly do rock. This list features a couple of musical mystery series as well as some musically focused mysteries within cozy series of a variety of themes.

Looking for something a little bit more hardboiled? Check out the Musical Mysteries display at the Mandeville Branch. You may also want to check out Ed Gorman's Sam McCain mysteries set in the 1960s. The first in the series, The Day the Music Died, features a small-town lawyer turned investigator and the events surrounding Buddy Holly's last concert.

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