Getting Cozy: New Year, New Start

It's a new year. The perfect time to start something new.

While many people are focused on changing their diet or exercising more, the sleuths in these series are facing more drastic changes. Whether moving back to their home towns or fleeing the big city in search of a more peaceful life, these leading ladies are making drastic changes in their personal and professional lives. And that's before they start finding the missing bodies.

If you've never read a cozy mystery before or if you have read thousands, these series epitomize the major characteristics of the genre:

  • The crime-solver is an amateur sleuth, who eavesdrops, gathers clues, and uses their native intelligence and knowledge of their community to solve the crime.
  • Cozy mysteries are generally considered “gentle” books and most have no graphic violence. Most often, the crime takes place off the page.
  • The setting is often a small town full of colorful characters.
  • Series frequently have a prominent thematic element introduced by the detective's job, pet, or hobby.
  • These books are plot and character driven with an emphasis on solving puzzles rather than suspense.

The lists below include the first book the library owns in each of these series. Many of these titles are available in a variety of formats including large print, audiobooks, and ebooks. However, some titles may only be available in print or as an ebook. If you need help finding a title or want to know the next book in the series, come visit us or call the library. We are always happy to help!

Getting Cozy: Sleuths Starting Over

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If you are looking for something brand new, check out one of these series that began in 2018!

Getting Cozy: New in 2018

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