Hamilton-Inspired Fiction: Will They Tell My Story?

"When you're gone, who remembers your name? Who keeps your flame? Who tells your story?"-Hamilton

The popularity of the musical Hamilton has caused a resurgence in interest in the Founding Fathers and the early days of the "American Experiment." There are numerous nonfiction works that recount the lives of these men and women, but there is some wonderful literary fiction focusing on figures like Alexander and Eliza Hamilton or George Washington. Working in literary fiction allows authors to focus on aspects of the characters' narratives and bring to life moments that we may have previously only seen from a different perspective or through letters.

A lot of the musical Hamilton is focused on the importance of remembering the lives of the men and women who played crucial roles in the founding of our nation. And while creator Lin-Manuel Miranda focuses on this historical legacy, he also took plenty of creative license, opens a new window. During the writing process, when Miranda was drowning in research, he spoke with John Weidman, who wrote the book for Assassins and Pacific Overtures—two Stephen Sondheim, opens a new window musicals. Weidman told him: "Don’t worry about getting it all. Because you can’t. No one can. So forgive yourself in advance for not getting it all and start to dramatize the moments that make you think this thing sings. And that begins to form its own kind of spine.”

Check out one of the titles below to for some enjoyable stories set during the Revolutionary War and its aftermath.

Hamilton Inspired Fiction: Will They Tell My Story?

Can't get enough of the musical? Love historical fiction? Then you may be interested in some of these novels based on some of the major players in Hamilton.

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