Holidays with Family

With the holidays fast approaching, lots of people will be spending time with family. You can celebrate your family bonds with these books!


The Relatives Came

Cousins, aunts, and uncles go on a car trip to visit relatives! Together they can accomplish more than separately, and they have lots of fun doing it! This book captures the fun chaotic feeling that can happen when the extended family is brought together.

My Family Tree and Me

A little boy shows off his half-European, half-Chinese family and talks about each generation going back on both sides. Read from the front for the father's side, then turn the book around and read from the back for the mother's side! It's a good introduction to genealogy for kids.

Going Down Home With Daddy

Lil Alan accompanies his Daddy to his childhood home for a family reunion! Each child must figure out what they're going to share to pay tribute to their family's history. Lil Alan hasn't picked anything yet, but over the course of the day, he learns about the things that symbolize different aspects of his family.


Dumpling Soup

Marisa is finally old enough to help make the dumplings in her multicultural family as part of their New Year's celebration, but she's worried they won't come out right! Family bonding moments abound as the family shows love in each New Year's tradition.

Just Right Family

Meili is a little girl who was adopted from China. When her parents decide to adopt another baby, this time from Haiti, Meili is hesitant. Over time, as the family prepares for the new arrival, she begins to warm up and realizes that a new addition to the family can be just right too.

A Family Looks Like Love

Sutton Button is a little puppy. She and her siblings look like a mix of their parents, but Sutton Button looks a little different than her siblings. When other animals don't believe she's part of the family due to her looks, she tries to prove herself. She comes to realize that families come in all shapes and sizes and that it's love that makes a family.

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