Ice Skating

Have you ever been ice skating? It's a fun winter activity to try, especially as the weather gets colder and the holidays draw near.


Mice on Ice

A group of mice make shapes on the ice until the markings create a big surprise! This vibrant, rhyming story features sight words and is perfect for both toddlers and new readers.

I Really, Really Need Actual Ice Skates

Charlie and his sister Lola go skating with their friends. Lola becomes convinced that she absolutely needs a pair of her very own real ice skates, but Charlie gently reminds her of all the other things she really wanted that ended up abandoned in the closet. It's whimsical and childlike, as well as realistic. This is just one of many books in the Charlie and Lola series.

Pearl's New Skates

A small rabbit named Pearl gets a gift of brand new skates, and she dreams of becoming a really good skater. When she goes out to the pond, however, she can't stop falling over! Discouraged, she gives up at first, but with some help from Uncle Jack, she learns how to skate and also the value of perseverance.

Little Red Gliding Hood

Multiple fairy tale characters come together for a pairs competition to win a new pair of skates! Little Red Gliding Hood needs a partner, but everyone is taken, except for one. If you're a fan of fairy tales, you might be able to guess who her partner is!


Glory on Ice

Vlad the vampire is looking for a new hobby, and finds that hockey sounds perfect, due to use of words like crush and destroy. But when he steps on the ice, he falls flat on his back! It's going to take some practice and a little support from his teammates to truly find glory on ice.

Hans Brinker

In this adaptation of a classic story set in Holland, Hans and his sister Gretel compete in a race for a pair of silver skates and uncover a family mystery. This tale is longer, and better for older children.

Young Cam Jansen and the Ice Skate Mystery

This story follows Cam and Eric throughout their day at the skating rink, until they realize Eric has lost the key to their locker! The friends must backtrack to solve the mystery of where it could be. Cam uses her photogenic memory to solve mysteries in this series of books! These are perfect for kids with a little more experience with learning to read on their own.

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