It’s Bunny Season!

Spring is the perfect season for bunnies, and it's the Year of the Rabbit!

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit

This fanciful tale shows a white rabbit in the snow, silently watching as nature changes its seasons and has its effects on the other animals in winter. The animals do different things like hibernating or migrating south. Watch as the seasons' changes affect the animals, including the rabbit!

Moon Rabbit

In this twist on a "City Mouse, Country Mouse" tale, Little Rabbit loves her city home, but wishes on the moon for a friend, another little rabbit just like her. One day, she goes to the park for a change of pace. A chance meeting a little brown rabbit playing guitar in the park leads to a blossoming friendship under the moon.

Shy Willow

Willow is a rabbit who lives in an abandoned mailbox, away from the things in the world that scare her, like people and noise. When a letter flutters into her home, she finds a wish from a young boy asking for the moon to shine brightly for his mother's birthday. The letter won't get to the moon unless she brings it, so she decides it's more important to face her fears than to let this boy down. This is a whimsical story about overcoming fears to reach your goals!

In A Jar

Llewellyn likes collecting things. He meets another rabbit, Evelyn, who starts to collects things with him, mostly abstract concepts like the sound of the ocean and the newness of spring. When Evelyn moves away, they must find a way to continue their friendship even over a long distance. This story shows how their friendship stays strong even through hardships and separation.

Hat Tricks

Come and see the magic show! Say the magic words, abracadabra and katakurico, and turn the page! Hattie the rabbit will pull several unexpected animals out of her hat. This is a great guessing game to play with kids. What animal do they think she will pull next?

Beyond the Burrow

Rabbits typically stay to themselves in their burrow home, however one rabbit accidentally ventures beyond her comfort zone while trying to grab the perfect carrot. This leads her on a journey of discovering new things and sharing them with her friends. Maybe it's not so bad to leave your comfort zone!

We have several more Bunny Books at the library! Come check them out!