Kindness, Friendship, Unity

This year's summer reading theme is "All Together Now," embracing kindness, friendship, and unity! We have plenty of books on these topics!


Quiet and shy Leo is nervous about starting kindergarten! As part of a lesson on kindness, his teacher asks the children to contribute to a "Kindness Pledge," with great examples like "use kind words" and "take turns." While learning about kindness, his classmates instill in him the confidence he needs to feel good about returning to kindergarten tomorrow. This is a great book to give kids a little of what to expect at school, and also teach kindness! You can use it as a springboard to start your own Kindness Pledge!

Each Kindness

Chloe and her friends don't want to play with the new girl, Maya, so she plays by herself. When Maya moves away, and during a kindness lesson at school, Chloe must consider what, if anything, she's done lately that was kind. She starts to see the ripples her actions have caused. This award-winning book shows the importance of kindness in a person's life and is a fantastic conversation starter with older children.

You Are My Friend

As a child, Fred Rogers was inspired by people in his family and wanted to bring kindness and friendship to people through a new, innovative medium called television. He taught about managing feelings with care, and inspired confidence by teaching that each child is special. This is the story of how the famous TV show, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, came into being, as well as lightly biographical.

Words to Make A Friend

Two little girls, one American and one Japanese, meet outside while playing in the snow. Even though they find it hard to communicate, they bond over playing in the snow together. They show that despite their outside differences, they're the same on the inside.

A Perfect Wonderful Day With Friends

Raccoon is making an apple cake, but he needs to ask his friend for eggs. One task leads to another until all the forest animals group up for a perfect day spent together. This cozy story is about animals spending a leisurely day with their friends in the forest.

A Friend Like You

This book shows you how to make a friend, and how to be a friend, whether they are like you, or different, whether they make mistakes and need forgiveness, or you do! The world needs a friend like you- so go out there and make some friends!

We have many other books about these topics at the library!