Learning About Letters!

Learning letters can be difficult. Sometimes it's best to approach the topic from different ways to increase your understanding of it. Learning can be fun!

If Rocks Could Sing

As a straightforward introduction to letters, it simply says "A is for addition," followed by the rest of the alphabet. The rocks look like letters, and the vocabulary and pictures are easy to read and look at. 

One Boy

This book playfully shows the way words can become other words with slight modifications. If you can read one word, it can help you learn to read the other. This may help in learning sight words, and you could use it as a counting book as well.

Little I

A lowercase i goes on a journey to find his missing diacritic dot. He meets several letters who spell out words, and punctuation marks along the way.

Abadaba Alphabet

This book comes with a CD and shows you all about the sounds the letters make! It's a little bit more difficult than "If Rocks Could Sing," and each page has several words in a sentence made with the corresponding letter.

Back to Front and Upside Down!

Stan has trouble making his letters look right, and he's embarrassed about it. Luckily, all he needs is a little help. Readers will sympathize with Stan if they've been in his shoes before- or if they are now.

Sometimes kids need a little extra help. Well, there are more books where that came from!