March Book Madness

When you think March Madness, you think brackets and the NCAA basketball tournament. Well, at least many of us do. But here at the St. Tammany Parish Library, we are exploring literary madness. Many of the most famous characters in classical literature—from Hamlet to Holden Caufield—suffer from some form of mental illness.

March Book Madness

"We are all mad here."—Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 

This March descend into madness alongside these literary characters.

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After all, as the Cheshire Cat says, "We are all a little mad."

To see even more literary and film depictions of madness check out the display at the Mandeville Branch. And if you really must participate in a bracket challenge, check out the March Book Bracket. You can vote on your favorite children's literary characters to see who will face off in the championship. I am rooting for Harold and his purple crayon.