Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is May 14 this year. Would you like to share a story about mothers?     

My Mother Is So Smart

A young son boasts about all the great things his mother can do, such as make tea, teach kids a song, and even stand on her head!

I Love Mom

This board book is perfect for little ones. Two little tiger cubs go on a fun day out with Mom and give you the many reasons why they love her, all through the day. 

Through your Eyes

The author, Ainsley Earhardt, speaks of her experience and how seeing the world through her daughter's eyes changed her worldview. Her daughter's perspective ends up teaching her to slow down and see what's truly important in life.

Mommy's Khimar

A little girl admires her mother through her colorful headscarves, and imagines herself as a superhero wearing it. This book shows the cultural bond between parent and child and a growing-up rite of passage. 

Mother's Day

In a classroom setting, each child tells their teacher what they do on Mother's Day, and they celebrate together by making a flower craft! 

There are more Mother's Day books where that came from! Happy Mother's Day!