Sourdough September

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the annual month-long baking celebration of “Sourdough September”. This was created as a collaboration between Sustain, a group of organizations and communities in the UK working together for sustainable food, farming and fishing practices and The Real Bread Campaign, whose focus is making bread better for our communities, better for our planet, and protecting consumers from false advertising, what they refer to as "sourfaux". Since its inception, Sourdough September has grown to be an international movement designed to support and educate home bakers on how to make genuine sourdough products and promote the professional bakers who sell it.

Specifically, sourdough bread is a specific type of “leavened” (made with yeast and containing no added rising agents) bread. It is “sour” because water and flour is added to a “starter” (live fermented culture of fresh flour and water) where a natural process between the yeast and bacteria prompts growth and gives its distinct flavor.  Some people keep their starter at room temperature(should be fed daily if out) and some in the fridge(weekly feeding). A small portion of this starter is added each time to your dough to help it rise when baking. The best part about sourdough starter is it can be shared by friends, families and community members. Find small independent bakeries in your community to buy sourdough products from or try your hand at making your own at home! It contains the least amount of processed ingredients in any type of bread, can help you save money and it contains prebiotics, good bacteria which can help you maintain a healthy digestive system! Sourdough can also be used to make pie crusts, crackers, and pretzels!

For more information and instructions for a fun “sourdough monster” activity for young bakers, visit the main website for Sourdough September here!

Don't forget to check out the libraries resources for recipes on sourdough (including Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center, A-Z World Food, and A-Z Food America )and join in the fun by taking a picture of yourself (and/or participating friends and family) making sourdough and tag #sourdoughselfie and #sourdoughseptember to connect with other bakers around the world online this September.

Sourdough September

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