Start Birdwatching This Fall!

If you haven’t picked up the hobby yet, fall is a great time to start birdwatching!  Every year thousands of migratory birds make their way south in the pursuit of food and nesting locations.

Although these birds can be seen in Louisiana as early as mid-July, the fall months are the peak of the migration season.  And as you can see in this map from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, opens a new window, Louisiana is a great place to be at the peak of the migration season!  Our state’s geographic location and wind currents seem to work together to funnel migratory birds straight through to the Gulf of Mexico.  St. Tammany Parish in particular offers a lot of great locations, opens a new window to watch these warblers, buntings, hummingbirds, and more pass through.  A pair of binoculars is good to have, but all you really need to enjoy this yearly spectacle is a good field guide and your own eyes.  For more information on getting started, see the "Bird Watching" section under the “Outdoor Recreation” category in The Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center, opens a new window.  

Don’t have a field guide? No worries! The St. Tammany Parish Library offers a great deal of field guides and other helpful resources to help you on your next birdwatching expedition. 

Books to Help With Your Birdwatching

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