The Stories Behind Holiday Traditions

Ever wonder why you see poinsettia flowers, tinsel, and candy canes around Christmastime? It turns out there are legends that explain why those became some of our holiday traditions.


The Legend of the Poinsettia

In a town in Mexico, a family is honored with making a new blanket for the church's Christmas preparations, but Lucida's mama gets sick and is unable to finish it! Lucida must come up with another gift for the Baby Jesus.

Cobweb Christmas

This story has roots in both the Ukraine and Germany. It has a few variations, but in this one, an old woman wants to share Christmas with everyone around her. She cleans spiders from her house, who tell Kriss Kringle they would like to celebrate too! They leave something interesting behind that becomes the well-known Christmas tradition of tinsel!


The Legend of the Candy Cane

This inspirational story explains the Christian symbolism behind the candy cane! In olden times, a young man comes to a new prairie town and opens a candy store. He uses the candy cane as a metaphor for bringing the story of Jesus' birth to people in the town.


The Carpenter's Gift

During the Great Depression, Henry and his father sell Christmas trees in the city and come across a group of construction workers. They end up making friends with the workers, giving them a Christmas tree and decorating it with them. This becomes a tradition, to decorate the Rockefeller Center with a Christmas tree every year. Learn the sweet story of the Rockefeller Center tree and how it all circles back around to a carpenter and his gift.

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