Want to Go Camping?

Would you like to go camping and connect to nature? We have books about fun outdoor experiences, as well as nonfiction guides to help you plan a fun camping trip. Summer is a popular time for day camps as well!

The Camping Trip

A little girl named Ernestine is super excited to go camping for the first time with her aunt and cousin! She gets all the supplies she needs together to get ready to go, but it turns out she's less prepared than she thought. Luckily, she has family support and encouragement to aid her homesickness and fear of the water. She ends up connecting to nature and even eating s'mores! The book follows a camping experience from a child's point of view. 

Summer Camp Critter Jitters

This book uses cartoon-style artwork to convey expressive animals who each have their own concerns about going to camp and what they expect to happen. When they find their camp counselor stuck in a tree, they must work together to help him, and end up using their ingenuity to have a good time! This is a great one to help ease the worries any new campers might have.

Ranger Rick Kids' Guide to Camping

This book covers all the camping topics you can think of to help plan your trip, from where and when you should go camping to the gear, food and activities! This one is perfect for older kids and teens. You will learn camping skills you may need in the future.


The Camping Trip That Changed America

President Theodore Roosevelt really loved the outdoors, as well as the naturalist John Muir, who wrote about his travels hiking the American wilderness. Teddy Roosevelt read his books, and John wanted to let the government know that the forests were vanishing in the hopes that something could be done. In 1903, the two men went camping together in Yosemite so Teddy Roosevelt could see for himself. They bonded over nature and this trip led to the origin of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and national forests.

Camping Activity Book for Families

This award-winning book is a perfect parent's guide to having fun with families outdoors, with tips and tricks for a variety of age groups to enjoy camping trips to the fullest. It includes camping topics like hiking, animals, plants, songs, and games. It's the perfect solution if you're looking for fun things to do that you don't require looking at screens.

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