We’ve Got That: Library Extension for Google

We all have our favorite places to look for books, and while we hope the library is your first stop, we know that many people use websites like Amazon or Goodreads. Well, now there is a new Google Chrome extension, opens a new window (a version for Firefox is coming soon) called Library Extension, opens a new window that will allow you to see whether the St. Tammany Parish Library has a copy of that book or eBook while you are browsing one of these sites:

A Google Chrome extension is a small software program that adds functionality to Google Chrome, and you can find a ton of them, including Library Extension, in the Chrome Web Store, opens a new window. You can search the store or visit the Library Extension, opens a new window website to download the plugin. Then follow the simple instructions to add St. Tammany Parish Library as your local library.

Please remember that this is a third-party tool and the library is not affiliated with Google and does not have any control over the results. While the tool is not 100% accurate, it is still a useful and fun reminder that a quick trip to the library is a good alternative to purchasing a book (especially an ebook at 2 in the morning when you just have to have the next book in the series).

To learn more about Google, consider attending the Welcome to Google: Google Basics, opens a new window class at the Madisonville branch on January 17, 2018, at 10:30 am. Or pick up one of the titles below on your next trip to the library:


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