Focus Group Opportunities


Please join us for a Focus Group! Just show up, or let us know you're coming, either way we want to see you!


April 1 – Educators, 5 p.m., Slidell

April 2nd- Early Childhood, 10 a.m., Slidell

April 2nd – Parents, 2p.m., Slidell

April 5th - Social Services Organizations, 1p.m., Slidell

April 5th – Teens, 5;30 p.m. – 7p.m., Covington

April 6th - Social Services Organizations, 1p.m., Covington

April 7th - Business Interests, 11am - Causeway 

April 8th – Educators, 5p.m., Causeway

April 9th – Early Childhood, 10 a.m., Causeway

April 9th – Parents, 2p.m., Causeway

April 9th –10 a.m. Rural Covington 

April 12th -  Homeschool 11 a.m., Causeway 

April 13th - Business Interests, 11 a.m. Slidell 

April 14th - Community Service Organizations, 11 a.m. Slidell

April 14th  - Homeschool, 2p.m. Slidell 

April 18th Seniors, 10a.m. Covington 

April 19th, Seniors, 2p.m. Slidell 

April 19th – Young Professionals – 6p.m. – 7p.m., Causeway

April 20th - Faith Groups, Clergy, Religious Leaders - 1p.m. , Slidell 

April 21st – Teens, 5p.m. – 7p.m., South Slidell 

April 28 -  Business Interests, 11 a.m., Causeway

April 30th – Neurodiverse Community – 10 a.m. – Causeway 

April 30th – People With Disabilities – 2p.m. Causeway 


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