Materials Display Policy

Public Displays

a) Requests made for public displays shall be granted only for cultural, educational or civic materials which are designed primarily to promote interest in the use of books, other library materials and information services; and

b.) displays shall not include the price of objects; and

c) only the name, address, and telephone number of the displays may be available to the public; and

d) requests shall be considered by the branch librarian in the order in which they are received; and

e) the library reserves the right to limit the size, number of items, schedules of any display and the frequency with which the artist or organization shall have a display; and

f) a request for a display focusing on a public issue shall indicate that all aspects of the issue will be presented in an equal manner; and

g) the branch librarian shall determine whether the proposed display is balanced; and

h) a "credit line," i.e., a statement of sponsorship of the display shall be included in all displays.

Staff Displays

a) A staff display is any display created by an employee of the library; and

b) staff shall create displays of library materials to encourage the use of information resources and promote a positive view of the library in the community; and

c) such displays shall reflect all viewpoints on a given subject where appropriate.


  1. The library acts as a distribution point for handout materials for public awareness. These items may represent diverse points of view.
  2. The library, at its discretion, will provide reasonable space for announcements and notices of programs and activities sponsored by cultural, educational and civic groups.
  3. The library will serve as a community information and distribution center for non-partisan political information.
  4. Most material shall be displayed for one month only.
  5. When display space is limited, preference shall be given to the library and library affiliated organizations.

Petitioning or Distribution of Literature

Petitioning, solicitation or distribution of literature or leaflets, canvassing, or similar types of appeals by members of the public shall not be allowed in libraries.

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