Nebraska Weather Medley

Nebraska Weather Medley

Spring is a drama queen on the Great Plains. Spring promises life, but delivers disasters. Torrential rains and flooded streets transform our basement into a pool floating toys, drenched books, and soggy furniture. Spring delivers seven-inch hail stones that knock birds from the sky and shred our shingles. Spring coaxes my delicate crocuses to bloom, and then buries them in snow. My worst Spring brought an F4, anticyclonic tornado that reduced my home to splinters. No more Spring for me!

I love Autumn with its piercing blue skies, warm days and crisp, clear nights which allow me to glimpse at the Milky Way or gaze at the harvest moon. Autumn is slow, creeping toward winter dressed in golden leafy slippers and a frosty robe. Autumn is not restless, anxious or hurried.

However, Spring stalks me. Trying to make me believe it is lovable. On a rainy Spring day as I drive home, the clouds part and a magnificent rainbow appears before me. One end of the arc seems to touch the road before me. Minutes later I drive into the rainbow's end. My car is filled with multicolored prisms that dance around me like shooting stars. Perhaps I can love the gentle side of Spring, but as usual, Spring fools me. The pot of gold is not at this end of the rainbow.

About the Author

Rebecca Willman Gernon of Covington writes prose about her home state, Nebraska.

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