Questions & Answers Bid 24-01

Clarification Questions and Answers

Mobile “Cart Hauler” Outreach Vehicle

Questions were cut and pasted from e-mails to Updated 5/6/24


Question #1   The requirement of the contract is that the vehicle delivery date be 365 days from order. Is this a “drop dead” date. Is there any flexibility at all.

Answer #1   Due to our funding stipulations, we must take delivery of the completed vehicle within the specified time frame.

Question #2 Does it have to be a Ford Transit?

Answer #2 A Ford Transit is required by this tender.

Question #3 The specifications have the chassis at 10,360 but the drawing at 11,000 GVWR. Is either acceptable?

Answer #3 Either is acceptable.

Question #4 If we were to find a chassis on the ground that's available quickly, could our team add the 360 camera system aftermarket?

Answer #4 We would be open to this option.

Question #5 Could the vehicle color be white to also speed up the timeline? With the graphics allowance it will be fully wrapped.

Answer #5 We would be open to this option.

Question #6 For Item are these K-bins or face-out shelves? Do you want 0,1 or 2 dividers?

Answer #6 K-bins with no dividers.

Question #7 There are storage cabinets in the rear of the vehicle on the drawing but not in the specifications. Are these to be included or are they an option?

Answer #7 Please include them as an option.

Question #8 If option 4.2 is selected, where will these electrical components be located?

Answer #8 This is up to your discretion, but it can be as simple as a battery box above floor between the seats and the inverter mounted on the divider.

Question #9 Would you like an option for a mechanical sliding step versus the running board for the slider door?

Answer #9 We are open to this option.

Question #10 Are aftermarket running boards acceptable?

Answer # 10 We are open to this option.

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