Suggestions for a successful storytime experience

  • Sit, sing, dance & listen to stories together. The more you participate in storytime, the more children will participate, enjoy, and learn from storytime.
  • Pay attention to the stories. Set a good example for your child. Feel free to visit with one another before and after storytime.
  • Turn your cell phone off, or put it on ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate.’ If you must take a phone call during storytime, please leave the storytime room.
  • Allow your child not participate if they choose not to. They are still absorbing the stories, rhymes, songs and rhythms of the storytime. You might find that your child will know the rhymes and songs in the car after you leave. You will find that your child will participate when they are ready.
  • Don't be afraid to leave. Some days children aren't in the right mood for storytime. If your child is having a bad day or becomes disruptive, please consider taking a break—either by going outside or into the library. You can come back once they’ve calmed down or come back another day.
  • Please enjoy your food, toys, and cell phones after storytime.
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