Sweet Sounds of Serenity

Sweet Sounds of Serenity

by Taunya Mitchell

What is Serenity? Serenity is subjective. Bliss, serenity,

peace and tranquility may be difficult to uphold at a time

whereby our environment is constantly changing and



A flat coated retriever can be entertained by the sights

and sounds of cardinals, bluebirds, blue jays, swallow tail kites,

mockingbirds, doves, whistling ducks and geese as they

make daily visits through her neighborhood just above her

back porch. These birds and waterfowl provide a means of

tranquility and serenity to an ever- changing world. Making

time to enjoy these sounds just as our four-legged friends do,

may provide a means to find serenity.


Finding a balance between the daily demands of work

and finding peace may truly be possible. Wildlife is a gift in

this part of the world whereby this balance of serenity and

tranquility can be achieved.

About the Author

Taunya Mitchell, 51, of Madisonville writes about the sounds of serenity. Her favorite library branch is the Madisonville branch.

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