Taking Up Space

Taking Up Space

by Amber Sheppard

Eenie meanie miney moe

Which trauma dare I expose


To Lay bare my struggles

Is to admit defeat


Without exposure

The darkness festers


It grows more and more resistant

To love and compassionate gestures


My reflex is to explain my disabilities

To put my inadequate mind at ease


On the surface I seem composed

Underneath my panic grows and grows


You see my friend, my liege

My canine companion, my noble steed


What’s wrong with her

Is she faking


Eyes avert, gazes go down

But I am here. I am now.


My energy you are taking


I am trauma

I am more

I am trauma

My mind at war


I am autistic

I am more

I am autistic

Not ashamed anymore


I am anxious

I am more

I am anxious

Nervousness forever an underscore


I am depressed

I am more

I am depressed

living is a chore


No matter my brain

Despite the pain

One thing for sure

I’m still here

I am brave

With her at my side

About the Author

Amber Sheppard, 35, of Pearl River writes poetry on trauma, ability, and the complexities of the human condition. Her favorite library branch is the South Slidell branch on Pontchartrain Dr.

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