Report Due? Tips for a Doing Research at the Library

Report Due?  

It's the night before and the library is closed?

You can access lots of information, specialized encyclopedias, articles, and ebooks with your library card at:

A to Z Online Resources for Students.

Of course, it's better to start your research a few weeks or days before your assignment is due. The online resources will still be valid and valuable resources but we have a great collection of non-fiction books and reference sources that will be helpful.

Tips for a Doing Research at the Library

  • The student should come to the library in person. Locating information is part of the research experience.
  • Bring the assignment in writing when possible. This will help eliminate confusion. If the assignment is unclear to you, consult the teacher first.
  • Remember that other students are looking for similar books. If a copy of the book you want to read is checked out or your branch does not have a copy of it, in most cases the book can be borrowed from another branch or from another library system. This may take a week or more.
  • Start early. If many students have the same assignment, and you leave your assignment to the last minute, most materials may be checked out. We can transfer materials from other branches in approximately a week.
  • Don't be afraid to try something you might not usually like to read. Who knows? You might enjoy it.
  • Be prepared to make copies. Books that can be checked out may not be available on your subject. You may need to make photocopies from reference books, microfiche, electronic databases, or the Internet. Copies are $.10 a page.
  • Allow plenty of time. Library research can be a slow process. Be flexible. If information is not available on your subject, you may want to consider changing your topic.
  • Ask for help. Library staff often know of additional sources of information. Each of the large branches has a Reference Librarian and a Youth Services Librarian. The St. Tammany Parish Library staff is eager to help you.
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