Cajun Fairy Tales and Folktales

Fairy tales and folk tales are a big part of any given culture. These stories help to teach and entertain children of all ages in a way that helps them make connections to the real world. We have fairy tales adapted into a Cajun version and also original Cajun folk tales!

Petite Rouge

This is Little Red Riding Hood presented in a Cajun style, with a twist! Instead of a wolf, an alligator threatens a red-clad duck and a cat in the bayou. It rhymes in Cajun-speak, and it has a pronunciation guide and glossary for the French words.


Ol' Bloo's Boogie-woogie Band and Blues Ensemble

In the original Bremen Town Musicians story, four elderly animals get together and make up a musical group. This book tells that story, set in Louisiana. An aging donkey, dog, cat, and rooster begin on their way to New Orleans with their musical act before things go a little differently than they planned.

Jolie Blonde and the Three Hebérts

Mama Hebert decides to make a gumbo one day. She and her husband and daughter go for a pirogue ride until it cools. A young girl with blond hair fills the role of Golidlocks and decides to try out their gumbo, their chairs, and their beds while they're away. There is a gumbo recipe in the back, and the book has a word guide on each page.


Why Alligator Hates Dog

Alligator, king of the swamp, is well-respected by everyone except Dog, who teases and taunts the gator day after day. The gator will not approach Dog's cabin because he doesn't want trouble with the man who lives there. One day, Dog goes too far and falls into the gator hole, but Dog's pretty good at sweet-talking his way out of things. Alligator learns a hard lesson and knows not to trust dogs who'll try to trick him. Like Alligator, children can use this lesson to help defend themselves against bullies they might come across through life.

If you are looking for more Cajun fairy and folk tales, we have those, too!