Caring for Our Parents as They Age

Caring for the elderly people in our lives can be a challenge  -  for us and for them. 

For a moment, try to put yourself in their shoes. You're probably beginning to lose much of the independence you once had. You may be struggling to allow your family and friends to help you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or humiliated that your body or your mind isn't working as well as it once did. You may feel an increasing loss of power and control over your own life and, perhaps worst of all, you may feel that you're becoming a burden on the people who love you. 

Now think about your own situation with your parents or grandparents. You probably want to make sure that the "golden years" of your parents or grandparents are as good as they can be. The same people who guided you in the past now need your guidance. Your roles become reversed. What can you do to help them? How can you encourage them to accept the help that they need? What can you do to assist them with their needs in the best possible way?

There are several items from the library, and online, that can guide you along the path as you help your loved ones as they age.

Caring for Our Parents as They Age


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