Celebrate America for the Fourth of July!

Since the U.S.A.'s independence from Britain in 1776, our country has fully developed into one with a rich history. We have a great collection of books that cover different aspects of our history and celebrate America.

Gingerbread for Liberty!

The old German immigrant baker is generous and loved by everyone. When he hears the news of the Revolutionary War, he feels the need to help out in any way he can. He begins by baking bread for George Washington's soldiers, while also using bread to bribe the British. This book is based off of a real man's life, though some "liberties" have been taken. There is a fact sheet at the back of the book.


Adèle & Simon in America

Two young French children visit their aunt in New York. While in the U.S., they travel across the country and visit several landmarks, though they lose objects along the way. Readers can look at the illustrations and find the lost items. In the back, there is a list of the locations they visit and some information about each one.

Apples to Oregon

This is the story of a family of pioneers and how far they will go (literally) to bring one of Oregon's famous crops across the plains of America. This is based on a true story and there's a fact sheet and author's note in the front of the book.


Her Right Foot

Have you ever really looked at the Statue of Liberty? This book gives great historical facts about the statue, while explaining its powerful message which is still relevant today.


Red, White, and Boom!

Paper cutout and collage illustrations detail an Independence day parade, a visit to the beach, and fireworks in the park. It's easy for kids to read and rhymes, too.

Happy Independence Day!