Children’s Books About Love

Valentine's Day is coming up and we have some great books for a loving season. This collection showcases romantic, family, friendship, and religious love.

Fanny's Dream

Fanny's story begins a lot like Cinderella's. She lives in the country and dreams of a nice guy to take her away to a fancy new life, but she realizes she doesn't need fancy things to be happy. 


Guess How Much I Love You

Little Nutbrown Hare shows his dad how much he loves him, and Big Nutbrown Hare sweetly demonstrates how much he loves his son back. This is the perfect book to read right before bedtime.


Chicken Soup for Little Souls

Young Ellie and elderly Miss Maggie have a special friendship; Miss Maggie is like an adopted grandmother to Ellie. Miss Maggie tells a story of when she was a child and a doll she had that she never forgot about. When Miss Maggie's birthday gets closer, Ellie notices a china doll in a shop window. Ellie shows her love by her determination to get the doll for Miss Maggie's birthday, even if she can't afford it.


Audrey Bunny

In this Christian book, young Caroline picks out a toy bunny, Audrey, for her birthday. Audrey is concerned that Caroline will notice a defect on her and stop loving her. 


The Sailor's Bride

Susanna the mouse will do anything to find her husband, who is lost at sea. She goes out to find him with her ten children, showing bravery and the strength of true love.