Cooking With Character

With the holidays upon us, people are starting to host more gatherings and potlucks. It can often be difficult to keep the recipe ideas flowing, but the good news is that many books contain untapped potential. Here at the library, we also have many cookbooks with recipes based on movies and books alike!

The Nancy Drew Cookbook

Here, Nancy Drew gives some "clues for good cooking!" There are several recipes to choose from, ranging from breakfast to dinner and beyond. It is Nancy's own cookbook, as well as contributions by her friends and neighbors. For instance, her friend Bess brings rich foods to the table, while the boys in the book enjoy barbecues. Fortunately, there are no mysteries in the ingredients!

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

With recipes like acid drops and knickerbocker glory (pictured), you're sure to love eating like a wizard. This book is full of traditional British recipes, too! So, if you've ever wondered what kipper is and tastes like, now's as good a time as any to try it!

Samantha's Cookbook

There are several American Girl cookbooks like this one, covering many different time periods. They provide some background information on what dining is like during its time in which each book is set. For instance, Samantha's stories take place in 1904 Victorian America, so her cookbook paints a picture of what dining was like during that time. It's a good reference for historical eating.

These books are available throughout our system, and if recipes based on fiction aren't your style, we have several other cookbooks you may enjoy, varying from Cajun to Norwegian food and everything in between! We also have childrens' cookbooks that kids can enjoy with their parents.

Happy eating, and Happy Holidays!