Explore the World with World Book: World Book Science Power

In this blog series, we will discover the World Book databases for grades K-8. Each blog will highlight a World Book database available through the St.Tammany Parish Library as one of the many databases for kids found by clicking here, opens a new window.

World Book Science Power is an engaging, interactive database that supports the learning needs of upper elementary-aged children, whether you are using the database for completing school assignments or for satisfying curious minds on scientific topics. According to World Book Science Power, opens a new window, this database has the ability to "strengthen student's knowledge with more than 90 lessons, complete with experiments and assessments to gauge student's capabilities across two levels of science instruction. Ideal for grades 2 through 9".

The database has many features that support learning needs. The lesson contents can be searched by keywords or by topic.

The lessons begin with pre-assessments that test learners' prior knowledge of the chosen topic. Pre-assessments consist of lesson reviews, vocabulary, and interactive quizzes. There is the option to create an account or login for instant access. The lesson reviews are multiple choice tests, while the vocabulary review tests learners' knowledge of commonly used words relating to the topic. The interactive quizzes have a variety of testing methods that requires the learner to complete fun, learning activities. 

The lessons in the database start with an introduction to the topic. The lessons consist of lesson notes, animations, vibrant images, and narrated videos. There is read-aloud narration for each lesson. After completion of lessons, a post-assessment will test learners on the contents presented in each lesson. There is a critical thinking section to "pick your brain" with critical thinking questions.

There are also learning activities to reinforce the contents found in the lessons. Try one of the extension activities designed to allow learners to perform additional research on the topic. Do you need an experiment for school? The section on experiments gives a description of an experiment, the material lists, and the procedure for performing the experiment. 

Do you want to see an example of an interactive lesson? Click on this link, opens a new window then click on the second slide of the lesson titled "Show the Earth's Orbit" to watch the Earth orbit around the sun. 

World Book Science Power includes resources for educators, including curriculum standards correlated to state and grade level, Common Core standards, and popular textbooks.

Founded in 1915, World Book is a trusted source. Its first encyclopedias were published in 1917and it has been used by educators, parents, and students for their educational needs. World Book provides print and online resources for educators and parents. World Book's mission on learning can be found here, opens a new window.

This online resource is available for free, from the St. Tammany Parish Library website when you are inside the library, and with your library card when you are away from the library. Explore and enjoy the world of World Book Science Power today!