Get Crafting: Hobbies and Home Improvement

It’s National Crafting Month and to take part in the celebration of making and doing, we wanted to spotlight two great databases to help you get started with your project.

From appliqué and batik to robotics, singing, and winemaking – the Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center, opens a new window offers a vast collection of materials on hundreds of hobbies. This databases covers the gamut of hobbies and then some, so here is a sample of just a handful of topics covered: Astronomy, Chinese Knotting, Dioramas, Floral Arranging, Glass Work, Macramé, Painting, Sculpting, and Woodburning. If you are looking to print out patterns and templates for your kids to craft, thinking about finding a new hobby, or want to further your understanding of an existing one, this is the database for you – even if that hobby is Bungee Jumping!

And in keeping with this month’s crafty theme, for those in our community looking to get their hands dirty with projects around the house, the Home Improvement Reference Center, opens a new window is a fantastic place to find a plethora of helpful guides. With step-by-step instructions for thousands of projects, this resource is ideal for anyone looking to start or complete DIY repair, maintenance, and remodeling projects. Along with providing access to how-to guides for everything from plumbing and drywall to wraparound decks and Zen gardens, the Home Improvement Reference Center also offers additional tools, like measurement and temperature conversion charts, a handy homeowner’s journal (which can be used to track projects over the years), and information on when and how to work with contractors.

Whether you are looking to find inspiration or gain valuable practical know-how, these databases have you covered!