Get Intrigued with a Great Mystery Read!

The mystery genre in fictional literature refers to stories in which the plot involves a crime, typically a murder, and an investigation to find the culprit. Mystery plots often include a crime, a culprit, a detective, some clues, and various twists in the plot to keep the reader guessing about the villain. Mysteries are often referred to as "whodunits" because they often turn the reader into a detective trying to figure out the who, what, when, and how of a particular crime.

May is designated as Mystery Month. Whether you like your mysteries fun and fast-paced, or suspenseful novels that are dark, moody, and atmospheric, there are a variety of great mysteries available at the St. Tammany Parish Library. Looking for your next great mystery read? Take a look at the book list for a sample of the library's mystery fiction.


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A sample of some of the numerous mystery fiction titles available at the St. Tammany Parish Library to checkout and enjoy.

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