How Well Do You Know St. Tammany Parish?

Think you know St. Tammany Parish? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

1. The parish seat of St. Tammany                                                             A. Wharton
2. Largest unincorporated area in the parish                                              B. Folsom
3. The town that was known for the quality of its water                              C. Hatcha
4. City that was named after a New Orleans lawyer                                   D. Bogue Falaya
5. The first name of Pearl River                                                                  E. Slidell
6. St. Tammany Parish was formed out of this division                               F. Tamenand
7. Town that was named after a former first lady                                        G. Madisonville
8. The first name of Covington                                                                    H. War of 1812
9. Delaware Indian Chief for whom parish was named                               I. Covington
10. Name of a long river in St. Tammany Parish                                         J. Pierre Le Moyne de Iberville
11. Believed to be the oldest permanent settlement in Louisiana               K. West Florida
12.General Leonard A. Covington was named a hero                                L. Abita Springs
13. First European settler in St. Tammany Parish                                       M. Lacombe

                                                              Answers will be posted on the April 15 blog.