Insurance Tips and Tricks

June 28th is Insurance Awareness Day. Insurance is a topic that most avoid, however, it is necessary to have insurance to protect from losses due to natural disasters, catastrophic events, severe illnesses, and the death of a loved one. 

According to Jill Hunt, "when buying insurance, you should always comparison shop, look for discounts, and consider an agent." (Hunt, 7 Details to Remember When Buying Insurance, March 2, 2021) 

Before buying insurance, check reviews of the company's ratings. Weiss Financial Ratings can be accessed from St. Tammany Parish Library's online databases while visiting a library branch, at home, or at another remote location using a St. Tammany Parish Library card. When searching for insurance companies through the Weiss Financial Ratings database, you can perform a quick search using a company's name, ratings, rating change, insurers type (health, life, property), insurer's line of business, state licensed, and headquarter state. The feature, Build a Screener, is a powerful searching tool that provides the user complete control and an insider's knowledge.

Hunt also advises that once you have settled on an insurance company, you should consider the cost of the insurance, ask for discounts, future policy upgrades, and re-evaluating of coverage in the future. To read her full article on buying insurance, click here, opens a new window. If you would like to get started with Weiss Financial Ratings, visit the online library, opens a new window or call your nearest reference librarian, opens a new window.