Let’s Celebrate Cat Month!

Last month was DOGust and September is National Cat Month! We have so many books about cats!


Lola Gets A Cat

Lola really wants a cat, and has done her research! Finally, her mother takes her to the shelter where a kitten chooses her! This book covers everything about getting a new pet cat, from shopping for cat supplies to letting the cat explore and get used to the new home at her own pace.

The Grannyman

Simon is a very old cat with a loving family. He thinks about what's he done in the course of his life. He feels like his purpose has been fulfilled, until a new kitten shows up for him to set an example for! This is how he comes to be known as the Grannyman.


Humorously told, a shelter cat describes his experiences in the shelter and at a new home! He adjusts to his new environment in a way that people can relate to. Being told in haiku, it's a creative take on both the subject matter and the form of poetry!


It's All About Me-ow

An older cat who has the lowdown on life with the humans educates three new kittens that come home with his family. He teaches them a lot about cat behavior and even some cat history!

Stretchy McHandsome

Stretchy is the baby of the McHandsome clan, a big family of strays who live in a box. He goes on a trip around town, where his perfect human spots him in a bookstore window. Told in rhyme, this book is about the meeting of two kindred spirits.

Tails From the Animal Shelter

This nonfiction book shows a lot of different kinds of animals you may find available to adopt from the shelter! It tells you why animals are given to shelters and gives you tips on what to know before you go. It also features nontraditional pets like rabbits and snakes! 


We have more cat books at the library! Meow!