It’s Pride Month!

Pride Month celebrates the lives and history of LGBTQIA+ communities. It takes place in June to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. People celebrate Pride Month with parades and festivals. We have several books that cover LGBTQIA+ topics in an age-appropriate way. Come check them out!

All Are Welcome

In this book, all children are welcomed and celebrated with open arms. Follow this diverse group of students in their school as they go through their day. They learn from others' traditions and make friends!

Prince & Knight

Prince and Knight is a modern take on the fairy tale cliché where the king and queen try to find a wife for their son. Little do they know, their son is not interested in princesses, and the title characters bond over their shared fight against a dragon. The book explores acceptance and young love in an age-appropriate way, and the parents are supportive!

I Am Jazz

Meet Jazz, a little girl who describes her transgender experience growing up. On the inside, she always knew she was a girl, but can be difficult when your inside doesn't match your outside! Jazz's story is based on her real life experience growing up, and she tells it in a clear way that may help caregivers talk to kids about gender identity issues.

My Rainbow

Trinity is a young transgender girl with autism and wishes to express herself with her hair. At the beauty supply store, none of the wigs she tries on are quite right. She wants something that shows on the outside what she feels like on the inside. Her family is very gentle and accepting and they come up with a great resolution! The book introduces terms and context in an affirming and uplifting way and highlights self-expression as an important need.

We also have chapter books for older readers!


George is an elementary-schooler who knows she's a transgender girl, but the outside world is slower to accept that. She tries to overcome the barriers she faces while aspiring to play Charlotte in the school production of Charlotte's Web.

Ana on the Edge

Ana, a twelve-year-old figure skater, is discovering she is non-binary after being confronted with gender issues in her life. She explores her feelings of not identifying as what either gender fully represents.

We have more LGBTQIA+ books for kids and adults here also!