Let’s Explore: Gale in Context: Elementary

We are continuing to explore the children's databases that are available through the St. Tammany Parish Library. Gale in Context: Elementary is for elementary school aged children. According to Gale, opens a new window, this database "gives children a safe place to find answers to their questions, practice research skills, and explore interests inside and outside the classroom." Gale in Context: Elementary has an easy to navigate platform to help users become comfortable with performing research. 

Rich visuals entice users in learning about a variety of topics from animals, geography, health, influential people, literature, social studies, sports, and technology. On the database's landing page, subjects can be searched by magazine and newspaper articles, images, graphics, and videos. There are the basic and advanced search features. The advanced search feature allows the user to limit search terms by publication date, content type, document type, content level, and Lexile measure. There is also a read-aloud feature that can be turned on for younger or reading challenged learners. 

The featured I Wonder question changes daily and entices the learner to click on the Find Out! button to learn more about the topic of the day. For added interest, click on the New Question button to find out about another subject. Main categories on various topics can be browsed by clicking on the icon to gain knowledge of sub-categories found in the main category. In this instance, the main category, Animals, was chosen. At the top is the broad statement, "Millions of different kinds of animals live on Earth, and can live on land, in the water, or sometimes both." Sub-categories are on the different animal species. Mammals was chosen as the animal species to be studied. Immediately, the definition of a mammal displayed, along with various animal species that are considered mammals. 

Gale in Context: Elementary also has the capability to maintain the user's search history. Highlights and notes can also be added to articles to assist the user in retrieving important details for future reference. Articles can be sent to Google Drive, One Drive, or an email address. You can also print or download them.

Gale, a Cengage company, partners with libraries and educators around the world to connect learners to essential content that enhances the learner's experiences and improve outcome of the learning environment. Gale is a global provider in research, education, and learning online. Gale in Context: Elementary can be accessed in the library's branches, at a remote location, or at home using a St. Tammany Parish Library card. Explore the world of Gale in Context: Elementary today!