More Animal Tales

There's still time to sign up for summer reading! Last month we looked at Aesop's Fables, but there are many more animal stories waiting at the library!



Papagayo is a loud bird who makes mischief for all the nocturnal animals trying to sleep during the day, but when an ancient monster-dog eats part of the moon every night, the animals need Papagayo's help to scare him off.

Calabash Cat, and His Amazing Journey

The Calabash Cat goes on a journey to find the end of the world. His name comes from the African country of Chad, where people create beautiful designs on calabash gourds. The tale is told in both Arabic and English, side by side.


Little Panda

Grandfather Panda tells his grandson the story of a flying tiger. His grandson doesn't believe tigers can't fly, but we find out that maybe there are some ways they can.


Verdi is a small yellow snake who thinks that turning green as he gets older means he can no longer have fun. His way of thinking may get him into trouble.


What's your Favorite Animal?

Eric Carle and other famous children's book authors each illustrate a page showing their favorite animal. The authors' personalities shine through each of these pages. What's your favorite animal?

We hope you enjoy these great books and many more as we celebrate the tales (and tails) of animals!